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About Me

My name is Emna Ayadi, I’m a Quality Consultant and Agile Quality Coach.

I’m from Tunisia, I moved to France in September 2021, currently I’m working for Sogeti Lille, France.

I started my career in testing since graduation in 2015, and I enjoyed testing since that moment and I wanted to grow my career in that field. I had the chance to work on different projects combined between testing and coaching roles, I worked as a Test Automation Engineer, QA Analyst, Integration Test Lead, Agile Quality Coach.

I enjoy attending conferences, meeting people around the world and also speaking at international conferences. The adventure started in 2019 after less than 4 years of experience. One of the topics that I enjoy the most, Exploratory Testing, Communities of practice within organisation, Gamification in testing and the importance of softskills for testers.

I’m also an active member of testing communities such as Ministry of Testing where I organize different meetups.

I also do sketchnotes since 2020, where I visualize what’s I understand from presentations I’ve been to.

Outside of work, travelling is my favorite pastime.

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Reach out if you have any question, or if you would like to get advice how to make testing fun !

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