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🎳 Gamify your Testing and Agile Activities

The gamification in learning aims to motivate collaborators to learn and experiement new things by using different game elements in their environments such us game cards or other form of interactions

I’m passionate about using gamification in learning since 2018, it was also the reason how I discovered the Ministry of Testing few years ago and how I created my testing community for that I wanted to create a page in my blog to describe different games that I’ve tried the last couple of years related to Agile and Testing !

Hope you will enjoy the list of games and I also created some rackets 🎾 to explain how I used it every game.

🎳 Scrum @ Play 🎾

  • Goal: To raise awareness about Scrum and Story Mapping and link between theory and practice
  • Game Source
  • Language: Eng, Fr

🎳 40 Seconds of Scrum: A Fun Scrum Game 🎾

  • Goal: To generate discussions about scrum terms and have a common understanding via timeboxed sessions and lot of fun πŸ™‚
  • Game Source

🎳 Agile Testing Coaching Cards 🎾

  • Goal: To make agile teams explore their way of testing and define actions to improve it.
  • Game Source
  • Language: Eng, Fr

🎳RiskStorming 🎾

  • Goal: Enable conversation in your team related to Software Testing and Quality.
  • Game Source

🎳 Dice, Dice, Baby 🎾

  • Goal: Introduce exploratory testing, with reverse engineering, black box testing and the challenge of playing in a team (pair and mob testing).
  • Game original name: Dice game: Key life skills for testers
  • Game Source, another source

🎳WonderCards 🎾

  • Goal: Sparkling warm up and introduction, methods for deeper structured reflection and analysis, energizers for fun and motivation and tools to round it all up highlighting results and achievements.
  • Game Source
  • Language: Eng, German

🎳 The Game that Delivers ! 🎾

  • Goal: Design a continuous delivery pipeline together with your developement team and brainstorm about the different steps
  • Game Source

🎳Would Heu-Risk It?🎾

  • Goal: “A fun way to get your team to overcome unconscious bias, think laterally, and possibly identify and mitigate those “unknown unknown” risks”– Lisa Crispin
  • Game Source

🎳 The Agile Deck 🎾

🎳 Bingo of Nutty Tests 🎾

🎳 Agility Maturity Cards 🎾

  • Goal: Evaluate and improve the maturity of your organization
  • Game Source: from JFTL conference (didn’t find a direct link to get it)
  • Language: Eng

🎳Black Stories🎾

  • Goal: think outside the box, and develop your questionning skills
  • Game Source
  • Language: Eng

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