Another month achieved in 2023, and I’m glad to share my special achievements with you.

  1. Community Time, Having Fun with Lego
  2. Listed among 100 Women in Tech
  3. Linkedin Hosted me an entire week in their offices
  4. New Hashtag #ExploreWithEmna
  5. Books during my fligths
  6. Conferences, I’ll be part of a Game Festival next month
  7. Flexible work while travelling
  8. Discovering A New Flag “Slovenia”

Community Time, Having Fun with Lego

It took sometime to design the setup of this workshop “Lego For QA” where I facilitated a session within our testing community, the goal of this session is to introduce the importance of testing early through different testing levels.

I prepared sketchnotes that we discussed at the end of every round, The funniest thing in this workshop, we as facilitators were able to hide bugs in different places, and in every round we challenge them to build something without informing them about the hidden bugs, we even used an invisble pen to write different combination of “B* *U *G” and also some hidden stickers inside the legos pieces, with a color very close to the lego pieces.

One of the participants gave us her feedback: “You should inform future participants to bring better glasses to catch more bugs”

Credit goes to Marc Soune-Seyne, who presented in one of the conferences I attended few years ago where he explained how he used legos to gather the whole team and share awareness about quality through this funny exercice. Which inspired me to create my own version of legos and update it with new additions such as new places to hide bugs and adding sketchnotes while explaining and brainstorming.

Listed among 100 Women in Tech

Proud to find myself listed in the AgileTD list “100 Women in Tech”, I learnt a lot over the year from women mentioned in this list and happy to follow other women in tech that I don’t know yet.

Linkedin Hosted me an entire week in their offices

Super excited to recieve a message from linkedin inviting me to contribute to their brilliant platfom Linkedin Learning, they told me that they found me as the most active member in conferences and communities and that speak french, so they invited me to deliver a testing course in their platform.

I consider this as the most special professional trip I’ve ever had, you can find more pictures on my linkedin or twitter.

A coming soon story will be available, let me know if you have any special question that I can treat if I write a blog about the linkedin Experience.

New Hashtag #ExploreWithEmna

During my linkedin visit, I had a chance with one of the linkedin Experts Gregory Mancel, and I liked his passion about hashtags on social media and how to make their use more effective, he inspired me to create my own hashtag where I can centralize the content I share, I choose #ExploreWithEmna as it could be used for my travelling adventures, my conferences, also for testing content as exploration is a bit part of testing.

I invite you all to follow my new hashtag (will also use it on instagram for travelling adventures)

Books during my fligths

When talking about book reading, what works for me the most, “Books during flight time” why ?

  • No interruption
  • Phone in plane mode
  • No internet
  • Timeboxed, you try to be effective during the flight.

During my long trip from Lille to Graz, I started reading few chapters from the Coach’s CaseBook.

A great book with real situations and solutions you can bring to your team as a coach, it also aligns with my current challenge as I’m working on introducing the role “Agile Quality Coach” into my current assignment.

Conferences, I’ll be part of a Game Festival next month

Our game TMAP Quality Improvement Game made it to the biggest testing festival in the northern of France “LudiNord”

Looking forward to it next month on the 27th March in Lille and surprisingly it’s the closest conference ever to my place (around 2km away from me!)

Flexible work while travelling

I had some burrocracy stuff todo in Paris last week, so I combined the advantages of “working remotely” and “working from another Sogeti office” and I spent the entire day workign from Sogeti Paris, and had the chance to meet my colleagues as well.

I’m glad with those advantages, that allow us to enjoy our working experience.

I liked the office decoration in particular, I liked the little plants in the office near employees desks.

Discovering A New Flag “Slovenia”

I had the chance to visit a new country Maribor, Slovenia, it was like a last minute plan before going back home from Graz and after an intense week of work. I didn’t expect such a beauty, lot of colors around the city, beautiful decoration, calm city and good vibes.