I wanted to expand the year review into smaller milestones after reflecting on 2022 a year in review, where I include some achievements, new experiences and recommendations of content I come across.

Started a warm January as if summer holidays, 23°C during my vacation at my hometown then, it turns to pure cold winter then reached -4°C and we even had snow !

I come back from holidays to meet the new year with new energy and new challenges, proud to announce the first new thing of 2023 that I joined SogetiLabs as a Fellow ! I’m looking forward to contribute, learn and exchange with experts from different fields and to bring out the best value to our clients in #QualityEngineering and #Testing. and I joined a new project as Test Leader responsible for integration testing, and for community events we are planning an internal workshop Lego for QA with our testing community.


  • I’m nominated as Testimist of the year 2022 by René van Veldhuijzen.


Finally reading this book that was on my reading list for more than 1 year. Fantastic story about IT and DevOps that combines personal and organisational challenges which offers new perspectives to improve IT organisations.




Testing in the age of AI

One of the many topics I’m thinking of, is it valuable to have ChatGPT in your testing team ?

Do you think it could make your time effective or it will make you loose your time ?

In particular I’m looking forward for your opinions about using it in Exploratory Testing sessions

Social Part

  • Communities: Great activity on the club of ministry of testing, in particular I enjoyed different exchanges on various topics one of them the possible influence of ChatGPT to our testing activities.
  • Auberge espagnol We had great time at Oney (my current client) where all testers from different departments brought the lunch and we synchronised well in a shared file to not bring the same thing 🙂

my contribution 🙂

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