I got the chance last week to attend and speak at A4Q World Congress one of the world‘s largest virtual international conferences. Over 80 Speakers and 30 countries are participating around the world. 

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I gave a french talk “Tester au-delà de votre projet” (=”Testing beyond your project“) where I spoke about non testing activities that can improve the tester mindset. Lots of examples from our daily life and others that we can do outside our daily work and our project that could help the tester in his future journey.

As an introduction, I mentioned the testing manifesto and asked the audience what are the required skills that we need in today’s fast changing world to assure that shift and maintain the good transition in the tester mindset.

Of course technical skills are important but could be taught, the most important is the combination with humain skills, that are the #21stskills4testers where I mentioned our book: “21st Century Skills For Testers” co-authored with Ard Kramer.

The agenda of my talk as the following started with Creative Thinking, Continuous learning, ways of collaboration between different testers, the importance of communities of practice within the organization or at larger international level, I mentioned also different games that could help the tester by giving him more ideas and techniques.

To stay focused and manage all the testing things, it’s recommended to stay focused, for that I talked about mindfulness for testers.

Then the conclusion, how those activities can help us becoming a specializing generalist who know lots of things added to the testing to drive the testing as a continuous activity within the whole development lifecycle.


You can discover more about my talk via the slide deck here or the recording:

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Thank you all participants for being part of my talk, and for all kind words.

For my English speaking audience, I invite you to checkout my talk at CONTEST21 Extend Your Testing Capabilities When You Are Not Testing it’s almost same ideas with few updates.

Let me know if you have any comment or feedback about the topic.

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