Last week, I attended my first conference in 2021. ConTEST conference in New York but was done virtually. I gave a new talk called “Extend Your Testing Capabilities When You Are Not Testing”.

You can find the slides here and below the recording:

Also want to thank every contributor to my recent Linkedin post that inspired me with lots of creative ideas ! It was a random question that I published after preparing my talk structure. But guess what ???

I didn’t expected such inspiring comments !!!

So, I decided to add more fun to the talk, that’s why I decided to update the slides again with new fresh ideas coming from the testers around the world.

#contestnyc 2021 Conference

Interview with ConTEST Organizers

Few days before the conference, I was interviewed by Astrid Winkler. In the interview I was talking about my thoughts regarding the tester skills and activities that could strengthen the testing community. I’ve been asked also about our recently released book in collaboration with Ard Kramer. Read the complete interview here.

Thank you all participants for being part of my session, and for all your encouragement and kind words.

Keep Learning

I got the chance to attend “Master The Tools” Tutorial by @ajay184f. It was a great opportunity to discover lots of interesting tools that we need as testers in our journey.