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First Ministry of Testing Sfax Meetup in 2020

After celebrating our end of year meetup in 2019 within the Tunisian testing community, we fixed 2 objectives for 2020:

  • Enlarging the community and spread testing more and more
  • Brining international speakers to share their experience with our members

The great news is that our first meetup in 2020 and the 5th in our history was totally successfull because we dealt with great topics, brought foreign speakers, last but not least we reached the waiting list and we stopped the registration because the event was totally full! the number of participants increased to the double comparing to previous year (More than 40).

We would love to thank all the team of WERIN GROUP for their support before and after our ministryoftesting sfax meetup !with special thanks to Bruno MarchalReda Ennasr our guest speakers for their time and the valuable informations they shared with us without forgetting all the effort of Souhaila Kartti synchrnoizing with me all logistics related to the event and assuring the social media actions ๐Ÿ™‚

But Wait… Corona Virus around the world and you make meetups !?

We were full of people, speakers coming from France, is it real ? and also in March 2020 ?

Actually the meetup was planned since February 2020 to be done on the first Saturday of March and but chance it was the last Saturday before the spread of Corona Virus in Tunisia.

Unfortunately, just after exactly one week from the meetup everything was cancelled. Hope everything come back again safe without those world wide troubles due to the virus !

Event theme: QA and BDD

After I presented our Tunsian testing community and Reda presented the activities of WERIN GROUP, we moved to the theme of our event, it’s about QA optimization using BDD.

I started presenting general concepts about BDD to give participants an overview about it when we use it, how and some advantages about it such as:

  • Better communication between developers, testers and product owners.
  • The learning curve will be much shorter. BDD is explained using simple language.
  • Being non-technical in nature, can reach a wider audience.
  • The behavioral approach defines acceptance criteria prior to development.
  • You are no longer defining โ€˜testโ€™, but are defining โ€˜behaviorโ€™.

After that, Bruno started his presentation talking about their key priority which is the client and Quality Assurance and then he talked about different different part in the format of their study:

  • QA measurement themes and criteria
  • Analysis of results
  • Explaning why BDD, is a well-adapted response
  • Defning the client’s strong points to implement BDD
  • Focus on the design of scenarios – “Example Mapping”
  • Focus on Gherkin language
  • KPI to measure the impact of BDD
  • The automation framework for the BDD

About our Partner WERIN GROUP and out event supporters Lisa Crispin & Wetest.Athens

Our 5th meetup was so special for many reasons:

  • WERIN GROUP our new partner sponsored all the expenses related to the venue “IBIS Hotel”, the food and all logistic staff
  • One Participant got the chance to win the famous book Agile Testing Condensed by Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory that presents a concise, easy-to-read overview of how to succeed with testing and build a quality culture in an agile context.
  • One Participant get the chance to win a ticket to the conference Wetest.Athens happening next September in Athens, Greece.

WERIN GROUP is a consulting firm specializing in QA & Agile Transformation. Founded by experts in the field, the company is positioned as a key player in the following segments: QA, Agile Transformation and Project Management using agile methodology.

The content of the book:

  • How test and QA professionals contribute on an agile team ?
  • How to fit testing activities into an agile cycle ?
  • Who is responsible for completing various testing activities, and when ?
  • How to get testers engaged with the rest of the agile development team ?
  • How to get everyone on a delivery team engaged in continuous testing ?
  • Ways to plan testing activities using visual models ?
  • How testing can “keep up” with short iterations or even continuous delivery ?
  • How to evaluate testing effectiveness and continually improve ?
  • How to get traction on test automation ?

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Perspectives: Remote events

Due to corona virus, our next meetups will be done remotely !

Want to try a novel way of meetups and talk about testing topics while taking a virtual coffee remotely with testers around the world? Ministry of Testing Sfax by Emna Ayadi with Ministry of Testing Salta Argentina by Ileana Herrera will organize a different kind of meetup about testing, you can vote or add any topic you want:

  • Roles and responsibility of agile tester
  • How to define your Automation Strategy?
  • Continuos testing in devops
  • POM page object model architecture with BDD testing
  • Quality report for stakeholders. Best approach to deliver quality status

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