The Challenge Itself

I was invited by Luke Liu, TesterMindset to the challenge #WeLoveBooksChallenge in LinkedIn!

It’s all about recommending 7 books (no reviews are necessary)

  • 1 book per day, no theme is definedn choose any kind of book
  • Invite 1 more person to the challenge in post

Although, I’m not used to read a lot of books. But I have a list of TODO which is always in the same status.

I decided to accept the challenge and invite some of my LinkedIn connections that might be interested!

General Overview About Selected Books

I started with books that I prepared specially for 2020, some of them are given to me as a speaker gift during Testing conferences I attended in 2019.

What has happened in the first 7 episodes? I shared the following books:

I participated in the book challenge during 7 days and I discovered a lot of interesting books that can help me in my career from testing to motivation stories and also sketchnoting and gamification in business.

# Day 1/7: <<The drive-thru is not always faster>> by Mike Lyles

# Day 2/7: <<Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations>> by Jez Humble, Nicole Forsgren & Gene Kim

# Day 3/7: <<The Art of Software Testing>> by Glenford J. Myers

# Day 4/7: <<Lessons Learned in Software Testing>> by Bret Pettichord, Cem Kaner and James Marcus Bach

# Day 5/7: <<The Sketchnote Handbook: A brilliant new guide to visual note taking>> by Mike Rohde


# Day 7/7: <<Why Games Are Good For Business : How to Leverage the Power of Serious Games, Gamification and Simulations>> by Helen Routledge.

I invited many of my linked In network who started their challenge in the same period of me and they shared excellent books.

My Choice of Books

With a tester background, most of books are related to testing like book number 2,3,4 and 6.

Other books are a bit different, the first one was a collection of awsome stories and lessons elarned in real life.

Book number 5 was about visual facilitation, it’s a very challenging topic for me.

Because in 2019 I discovered the power of sketchnotes in conferences done by an visual facilitator or even by participants to summarize and show the value of each talk they assist.

Book number 7 was more different than all of other books, it’s related to gamification aspects that we can use in organization.

I didn’t read them yet, but even if the challenge mentionned that there is no need to write a book review, I challenged my self to take a 20 min and read the book from the foreground like content, or used quotes, or even introduction and I shared a small finiding about it to maximize the value of such book.

Hope you enjoyed the challenge ! I invite all of you to take this awsome challenge and prepare your list for 2020!