Continuous learning is certainly crucial in our life to face such a fast-growing tech and challenging opportunities.

In this blog I’ll give you my takeaways from JOSH Kaufman Tedx how to learn anything in the first 20 hours.

First – decide what you want, define your vision and what you want to be in the future,
why you want to learn this skill and get this knowledge ?

Second– deconstruct the skill into small chunk. In the case of testing you can make a mind map with essential things that a beginner should know and decide from where you should start 

Third build your MVP, research what you need to know that is just enough 

Infact, you are not obliged to get all details about testing, but just start with basics.

Forth, remove barriers and encourage yourself to keep going to reach your goals

Fifth, pre commit yourself to practice you can make for example a testing tour with one of the experts in testing in order to exchange about what you recently learnt or start working as a tester and apply what you’ve learnt ! 

I’d recommend Accelerated Learning: How Agile Can Help You? by Artur Margonari it’s very inspiring to challenge yourself and learn new things !

Hope you find it interesting, don’t hesitate to share your tips to accelerate your learning !

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