Today, I did my conference N° 10 Journée Agile Belgique !

2 years ago, I did my very first talk at the same conference but in Belgium not remote.

Hajeur my tunisian friend that I met her first time randomly at the same conference !

Special thanks to them for giving me that first opportunity without asking me for speaking history !

I really enjoyed this adventure speaking at conferences (you can read the whole story how I started speaking at international conferences), sharing what I practice and what I learnt with likeminded people and different communities. Also it’s an opportunity to learn lots of useful tips and tricks from different speakers.

You can find the slides here and the recording not yet ready but it should be available in the coming months in their youtube channel.

I gave a new talk in french, this time about agile testing practices for better software quality : 🎙 “Les pratiques de test agile pour une meilleure qualité logicielle”

References and book recommendations:

Games I mentioned that could help you in your journey as person involved in agile teams to get more ideas and tricks

Lots of interesting talks and workshops from all the speakers !

Stacey Buys talked about neuroscience beyond the scientefic vision of it with a focus on the combination with organizing, collaborating …

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✔️The brain will mark and retain what will motivate us
✔️Exortication of the brain functionalities to understand and adapt to the language of the other
✔️Different personalities

especially the magical link he made at the end with different examples of personalities and how a facilitator is more agile than a manager!
The challenge is how to adapt, in the same context I wanted to make a link with the empathy map that Olivier Denoo mentioned in our book #21stskills4testers (with Ard Kramer) in the chapter of Communication

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End of the conference 🙂 Just amazing !

Thank you for the warm welcome and special thanks for the awsome host Véronique Bosschaert who discovered the world of testing her first time and she was motivated to host my session to learn more about agile testing.

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